tamatanga Brand Awareness Case Study

Written by
Erin Lawlor
Brand Amplification Manager
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Client Background

tamatanga is a relaxed Indian restaurant serving fresh and homely food based in Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and Leeds.

What Was the Problem We Had to Overcome?

tamatanga was launching another restaurant within Leeds and needed the assistance and expertise of Alphageek to ensure that it was amplified; getting as much exposure as possible. The team had a couple of weeks to plan a giveaway and ensure that it was structured very well to maximise reach, engagement, followers and ultimately bookings.

The team also needed to ensure that the rest of the organic posts aligned with the goal of creating awareness around the new location and encouraging the followers to engage with the posts.

The Solution Alphageek Brand Amplification Team Implemented for tamatanga

The Brand amp team researched and planned a giveaway that had the goal of increasing the client’s followers and creating excitement for the new location. Graphics needed to be briefed and ensured they were in the brand colours and fonts. The team also requested from the Paid Ads team that some of the client budget be used to boost the giveaway.

The giveaway involved giving the audience a chance to eat and drink in the new restaurant. This not only helped with increasing the followers and exposure about the new location, but it meant that when the new location opened up, the audience invited would be able to review and capture content that the client could then use.

The team monitored the giveaway and communicated with the client the winners, so they could be booked into the restaurant.

The Results tamatanga Garnered

● June's Instagram reach amounted to 118,202, while the number of followers in June reached 1,870, exceeding the target by threefold!

● On Instagram, page visits reached 14,499, indicating a remarkable increase of 59.7% compared to the previous month.

● June's Facebook reach stood at 211,911, with 893 new followers in June, again surpassing the target by threefold.

● Page visits on Facebook reached 16,165, reflecting an impressive 128% growth compared to the previous month.

These statistics indicate significant growth in both followers and page visits on both Instagram and Facebook in June.

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