The Brief

The Brief

UK-Brick, a market-leading brick supplier, lacked the digital marketing knowledge to attract new clients online.

The construction company had fantastic range of products, used in a variety of eye-catching high-end buildings.

However, the brand was not yet shouting about their impressive projects and lacked the creative footage to promote them across social media channels.



Alphageek recommended producing a marketing video that showcased their products – featuring a high-end property build in London - with professional video footage and editing standards.

To enable the B2B client growth and stay ahead of the competition, the content production would require state-of-the-art equipment and editing software. We wanted to create content that is engaging and creative, and the best way possible was through video content. We organised the shooting schedule, depending on the weather and time of the day to get the best possible shots. We find the right lighting to enhance product look and desirability.

Our lead videographer and licensed drone pilot was able to take the best sky shots featuring the building from a dreamy perspective.


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The video production content would then be used on social platforms, website, and SEO growth blogs to tap into a wider audience.

- Month-over-month increase on web traffic due to relevant content supporting SEO growth.

- Growing a warm and engaged audience through social media channels.

- Driving more qualified leads though Google Ads PPC because of engaging visual content within targeted advertising.

Look no further for the video production company that will help you grow your business, get in touch to get noticed.

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