The Brief

The Brief

In April 2021 UK Brick wanted to expand their brand awareness as well as gain more of an online presence.

Without the necessary marketing knowledge, UK Brick reached out to the marketing professionals to outsource its marketing intelligence.

Alphageek recommended enhancing their online presence through the power of social media marketing, through the popular business platform, LinkedIn.



LinkedIn is often the social network for B2B because industry practitioners are more actively engaged.

Alphageek was assigned to create an affordable social media strategy, including:

- content creation.

- community management.

To form connections with individuals within the industry, expand the brand’s name across the UK and ultimately grow its client base.

Using imagery, videography and graphic design, the content that Alphageek took on the responsibility of creating, would generate more followers, website clicks and interaction, as well as spark interest for future project developments. Posting at optimal times along with engaging captions and popular hashtags, SMM helped achieve these desired results.


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Since 2021, UK Brick’s LinkedIn Page has expanded to over 100 Followers and have now gained a 2,405% increase in Page Views along with a 1,810% increase in Visitors and a 600% increase in Website Clicks. With over a 900% increase in Engagements and a 366% in Net Following, UK Brick have achieved a [%] growth revenue.

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