The Brief

The Brief

The pandemic, Brexit and shortages saw the online landscape become ever more competitive.

Businesses required to adapt faster and find different ways to staying ahead of the competition and attracting their audience, and UK Brick was no exception.

In April 2021 UK Brick wanted to kickstart the conversation with their untapped audience to grow their business. However, they didn’t have the time nor the digital marketing intelligence to execute effective Google Ads.

This was aggravated by the fact that though SEO growth is organic (free), and a more sustainable marketing practice long-term than PPC, it can take several months before showing results.



Alphageek was challenged to innovate a paid search strategy that exploited the easy wins from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and rapidly grew UK Brick’s business.

Meanwhile, deploying and scaling an SEO strategy for sustainable long-term growth.

State-of-the-art PPC tools enable Alphageek to base PPC campaigns on data that actually make a difference to businesses bottom line.

Alphageek continuously optimised ads based on data signals and Google algorithm’s understanding for best marketing results.

UK Brick’s has gained 360 construction project opportunities (qualified leads) at a 3X  cheaper price than the industry’s average cost per acquisition.


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Conversion rate


Total qualified leads


x cheaper

Cost per conversion

PPC has given UK Brick the advantage to

- Position ahead of the competition, as clients’ top-of-mind brand and industry leader.

- Make a real difference to its business bottom line.

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