The Brief

The Brief

We are a modern marketing agency that’s all about creating impressive results whilst having fun doing it. Our goal is to deliver truly impressive results no matter what. To support this claim, we have an amazing story to tell.


We recently embarked on a ground-breaking project with The Beautiful Game (TBG) at Orlando City's Exploria Stadium. This led to us working with the likes of professional footballers Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. We teamed up with some amazing people at, known for their game-changing longevity supplements that redefine ageing. Fuelled by a shared vision, we're on a mission to transform the landscape of digital marketing. To do so we offer a range of marketing services such as paid advertising, SEO, PPC, social media, content creation, and email marketing, together, we're poised to make waves in the digital marketing sphere. 

Embracing a Milestone


In the initial social media post, we embraced ambition likenever before. TBG, just like us, is all about excellence and positive change. Thisis why we resonated with the project. Despite some obstacles across continents,we were up for the challenge and ready for the challenge, alongside ourworld-changing partners. We saw an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilitiesby optimising brand awareness, sales, lead generation, and revenue.



Brand Amplification Team


First up, the Brand Amplification Team; the team crafted some very engaging social media posts. Such as, picture big announcements, giveaways, and The Beautiful Game Package which were all launched for

Their graphics featured famous players and’s incredible supplements, making the partnership shine.

SEO Team

The SEO Team managed to optimise the TBG landing page, conquering the search rankings. And to spread the word further, they whipped up an SEO-optimised blog that got everyone hyped about the epic collaboration's Beautiful Game bundle.

PPC Team

Our PPC Team also worked extremely hard to attract fresh faces, introducing them to the and The Beautiful Game through paid search.

They strategically placed their "DoNotAge" search ads right where it matters, making sure everyone know was TBG's official sponsor. And what’s even better is the fact that they used shopping and performance max campaigns to engage and capture those new users.

Paid Ads Team

Our Paid Ads Team ran a bunch of campaigns that gave TBG's giveaway post and other organic goodies the boost they deserved. Picture worldwide campaigns, bringing The BeautifulGame Pack into the spotlight and boosting sales like there's no tomorrow. Also, during the game, they targeted people within 1KM of Exploria Stadium, keeping the buzz alive and kicking.

Content Team

The graphics team created numerous banners, leaflets and social media assets aligning both the brand and the branding of The Beautiful Game to help integrate the partnership between the two.

These visuals greatly conveyed the game's significance in the sports world by featuring renowned football players underscoring the substantial partnership it brought to

Our Content Creation Team crafted eye-catching banners, leaflets, and social media goodness that blended’s brand with The Beautiful Game. What’s more impressive is the fact they captured over 90 hours of content during the 5-day event; utilising expert equipment to create some seriously professional content.

      Equipment Used:

  • Sony A7SIII camera, GH5, two phones, and a 360 camera - to capture all the action.
  • Wide-angle lens - to capture players in the locker room to give energy.
  • Super telescopic lens - to capture the game up close.
  • Gimbals - to capture smooth shots.
  • Filming and editing on-site - to release live content on the day.

Web Dev

After the graphic design team enhanced The Beautiful Game landing page, our web team got involved. They built the webpage by combining media assets and SEO, to reach the right audience. As well as this the web team were busy prepping the product pages for The Beautiful Game pack, making it a seamless experience for curious customers.


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Delivering Impressive Results

Now, the grand finale. All our hard work paid off big time.

Campaign Performance Highlights:

  • Facebook and Instagram reach: 5.5 million people.
  • New followers gained for 1596.
  • Engagement boost: 22.7%.

Sale Ads Performance:

  • Impressions generated: 140,000.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 11x.
  • ROAS compared to industry benchmark: 7x higher.

Game Day Impact:

  • Ads reached 21,607 people within 1KM of the stadium.
  • Almost filled the stadium to capacity.

The campaign achieved a wide and impactful presence across social media platforms, with a substantial boost in user engagement. The sale ads demonstrated an exceptional ability to convert interest into actual returns, far surpassing industry standards. The campaign's influence extended to the local audience around the stadium, contributing to an impressive game-day turnout.


We're beyond proud at the results we achieved; teaming up with The Beautiful Game was a dream come true. Our adventure showcased the power of ambition, creativity, and strategic digital marketing. Our talented team's determination and brilliance made this remarkable success possible. This story captures the essence of Alphageek—we're all about delivering exceptional results and making a lasting impact.

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