The Brief

The Brief

We were asked to create a video that paid tribute to and celebrated Nottingham city, whilst driving visits to the physical location (featuring a massive poster of a forest football club manager on the roof) and building hype to watch a big upcoming game there. All this is under an extremely tight period.



We set ourselves to achieve a gripping video that brought the client's dreams to life and conveyed a clear message. The media creative expert team ideated the best way to come about this mini film. Then, Alphageek produced a detailed schedule of filming dates and locations (part of the production process).

Alphageek uses cutting-edge technology to achieve shots with an impact, such as professional cameras time-lapse or drone filming. Lastly, our lead videographer edited the commercial with state-of-the-art software to achieve the desired style and feel.


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The production went on to become a viral video - with over 67K reproductions and almost 2K engagements on Twitter’s and Facebook’s social media channels.

Further, the video production gained the pub owner an interview on Notts TV, which helped promote the venue even further. Now the pub is positioned as a top-of-mind brand and enjoys being constantly filled to the brim.

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