The Brief

The Brief

Alphageek have been managing Roy Geddes Bricks social presence for over 2 years. Their aim was to generate awareness and an active presence across LinkedIn where their industry is most active.

Their page doesn’t require a great deal of content as they look to share insight of their latest news including projects won, in progress and completed.

Alphageek source the case studies of their projects in the form of imagery and video content, of which was particularly difficult in the pandemic with restrictions in place for being able to shoot content for 4-5 months.



Alphageek continued to post on average 4-8 posts per month, setting a clear tone of voice, using relevant hashtags and optimum posting times to deliver a purely organic presence on the platform. Techniques to encourage engagement from employees and push to their relevant network is also implemented alongside community management.

Constant suggestions on improving content are always recommended helping to build the page despite only posting minimalistic amounts of content. There are lots of method for delivery to build organic page performance without the need for paid, this all depends on your goals and the timeframe you want to assign against this.


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Followers a month on average



Impressions a month



Engagement rate

Organically delivering on average 19 followers per month from an average of 4 post per month for over 3 years and a half.

In the last year alone there have been north of 65k Impressions averaging 5.4k impressions per month. For the last 12 months a page engagement rate of 5.5% has been delivered which is 175% higher than a good rate for a LinkedIn business page.

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