The Brief

The Brief

Proverb trusted the Alphageek web team to rebuild several core pages on their Shopify eCom site, including the site’s home page, shop pages and key sales pages. The web page design terms were to: Redesign and improve the customer journey by reducing friction. Optimise conversion rates (CRO) – this is a best-selling web service as a top conversion rate optimisation agency.

Build room for a whole new range of products on the shopping site, that can be paired together as sets in both a one-off and a subscription capacity. The web project roadmap consisted of tight timelines due to the urgency of the incoming product launch and posed many technical challenges. There were conflicts between different scripts and apps as well as limitations built into the subscription software, limiting severely the possibilities within the project scope for bundling.

We also faced the challenge of keeping the visual aspects of the site ‘on-brand’ and accommodating Proverb's visual requirements, such as interactive video elements, and custom animations. All whilst building the web infrastructure ensuring that every single element would be manageable by the client within the Shopify Customiser.



The building of the pages was a challenge, no doubt.

However, our web team loves to continuously push to code more complex designs from scratch. The elements of user experience user-centred design for the web were meticulously wireframed and planned before its initial build. Each element was then always built alongside its JSON companion which speaks to the Shopify customer immediately. We also pride ourselves on our mission to strive to be as self-aware as a development team as possible. We knew that our expertise subsisted predominantly within the front-end remit of development and that building out all of the subscription functionality for bundles within the subscription app itself would stretch us. After a couple of attempts, we were faced with the decision of either:

Try to solve their problems ourselves - which would continue to eat into the client project budget to an unknown extent Reach out to one of our trusted back-end partners for assistance. After consultation with the client and careful consideration, we opted for option 2.


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We were able to produce a new version of the site with all of the required functionalities, including product bundling and multi-subscriptions within bundles. The client now has a site where all imagery, text and other content is completely controllable internally by themselves without agency help. Most importantly, the user journey ease is drastically improved. Though Proverb’s site has only recently launched, the client has experienced increased conversion rates that prioritised subscription sales (which of course is a stable monthly source of revenue, continuing to be met!).

We were able to design for our client a completely bespoke solution, both in terms of the front-end and the sites functionality. This is why we do not believe in themes or templates and build all of our web solutions from scratch, it’s what gives our clients and their websites their edge.

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