The Brief

The Brief

The scope of this project was a big one. Pinks Boutique approached Alphageek looking to digitise its process for generating interest from new spa / boutique owners looking to utilise its incredible products.

To do this, they would not only need to find a way of reaching these potential customers, but present them with an offer too good to turn down.

Pinks Boutique wanted to work with a singular agency that could deliver the content, ad targeting, landing page and lead generation system to allow this to happen.



To achieve Pinks Boutique’s aims, Alphageek developed a full-scale lead generation system for the client from scratch, utilising its content production, ad management and web development departments to do so. Targeted Facebook adverts pulled users With the suggestion of the ads team, we took the approach of creating multiple videos to A/B test on Facebook, targeting various audiences and sticking with the best performing targets.

Users engaging with these adverts were brought into Pinks Boutiques custom built lead generation system, optimised for an effective user experience. Any users who submitted through the lead generation system were targeted and retargeted with a Pinks Boutique automated email journey. Pinks Boutiques Facebook Ads, Lead Generation System and retargeting emails all used content generated by Alphageeks videography division.

This content was pivotal in reaching and engaging with Pinks’ target audience, who are generally aren’t receptive to online advertising from brands like Pinks.


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CTR (click-through rate)



Qualified Leads

Pinks’ new lead generation has been a huge success.

Since launch, the system has reached over 100,000 people, creating over 10,000 engagements and most importantly generating in excess of 1,000 leads. As a new lead generating system, it’s achieved Pinks’ initial aim for it.

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