The Brief

The Brief

Alphageek has been working with Laurence Henry for the last few months, to help build his presence across various social media platforms.

The aim was to create awareness of the new restaurants that he was going to be working in and increase Laurence’s following and engagement. It was very important to the client, that the tone of voice was correct and that Alphageek were able to enhance his social media platforms without losing his personality.



Alphageek proposed that there should be a variation of organic and paid social media, to achieve the goals set. With 4 posts a week, across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram as well as community management and stories, this will not only increase the following of Laurence Henry, but it will also increase the awareness and get the target audience excited/interested in the new restaurants.

Alphageek also proposed a bi-monthly shoot, this ensured that there was always fresh, new, and professional-looking content going out across the various social media channels. The content would be a range of images and videos, that had the purpose of showcasing Laurence’s incredible skills, teasing the new restaurants whilst displaying Laurence’s personality.


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People Reached



Social Media Engagement




Within the first 7 weeks, Alphageek achieved above and beyond the set targets, reaching 147K across the channels, 3.4K engagements and a total of 836 clicks.

The pages are continually growing and are attracting the right target audience, Alphageek is keen to get these social media pages optimised and reach their full potential over the next few months.

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