Full-Time Web Developer

£24,000 - £30,000

November 19, 2021

Company Intro:

Alphageek is an end-to-end digital agency based in Derby and working with clients on a global basis. Clients’ and their projects vary in each industry, with a variety of challenges and opportunities to get imaginative. Our culture encourages individuals to have the freedom to use their initiative and get creative with ideas throughout projects, during which the closeness of the team helps to support and flourish.

If you’re looking to join a close-knit, genuinely fun, and rapidly growing team of enthusiastic professionals then Alphageek is the place for you. If you want to work closely with some of the UK’s most exciting brands, then here’s your chance! We’re looking for people of all levels of experience with an eye for detail and an eagerness to learn.

Job Purpose:

To design, build, and maintain websites for corporate and individual clients. Working with colleagues and clients to understand website requirements and client needs. Writing, testing, and debugging code and applications. And to maintain a knowledge of fundamental web programming languages and monitor website analytics.


Job Duties:

·     Liaise with clients and colleagues to determine website needs. Following up with regular conversations and updates.

·     Build websites to client specifications by writing code, designing pages and widgets, and incorporating graphics and media elements.

·     Determine the best technologies, development languages, design libraries, plug-ins and applications to provide websites with required features and functionality.

·     Test websites across multiple browsers and devices; debugging as necessary

·     Maintains fluency in one or more programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

·     Utilisation of designer, CMS, and ecommerce tools.For example, Webflow, WordPress and WooCommerce.

·     Regularly checks in with clients to assess their satisfaction and determine necessary updates or website repairs.

·     Maintains websites by checking for errors, broken links, updating software/plugins and hacking attempts/malware.

·     Assesses website security and installs updated software to ensure that websites and client data remain secure.

·     Uphold a knowledge of website accessibility standards and legal requirements.

·     Develop a portfolio of corporate and individual clients and maintains long-term relationships. 


Desirable Web Developer Skills and Qualifications:

·     2 years’ experience

·     Bachelor’s degree

·     Knowledge of Digital Media Production and Graphic Design

·     Creativity

·     Teamwork

·     Analytical Thinking

·     Critical Thinking

·     Interpersonal Communication

·     Customer Service Skills

·     Attention to Detail


To apply please send your CV, link to your online portfolio or a video application for why you'd like to apply for the role to hr@alphageekdigital.co.uk

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