Google Ads Trends (May 2022)

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Google Ads Trends (May 2022)

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Fuel your sales with vehicle ads

This March 2022, Google has introduced Vehicle Ads, a new ad format on Search that shows users nearby cars for sale.

Google ads for cars

Research shows that 89% of car buyers start their hunt online, while 16% purchase their car online (compared to 1% three years ago).

Users will be able to find vehicle options at a glance, with an option for delivery or nearby purchase. Google Vehicle Ads include:

Car advertisers saw a +25% boost in sales!

If you want to see these results, you’ll need to create a car inventory data feed and connect it to Google Merchant Centre.

Don’t worry if this sounds like gibberish to you; we can help you set it up.

Google employs this data to accurately show the most relevant cars that match user search queries.

Further, car advertisers can keep track of crucial inventory and ad performance data through the Merchant Centre.

Unfortunately, Vehicle Ads are currently available in the US, Canada and Australia only (coming to the UK soon, according to Google news).

Increase bookings for free with this new Google hotel tool

The COVID-19 pandemic held up travellers from doing what they loved most.

As travel restrictions ease up, search interest for terms such as “spring vacation” peaks at +900%.

Hotel advertisers can benefit from such travelling outbursts by reaching more users on Google maps for free!  

A new Google tool for hotels - free hotel booking links - launched last year and is helping millions of travellers to connect with hotels that match their interests.

This tool interests you if you’re a hotel owner or advertiser because it’s accessible and highly convertible.

Free links can multiply your bookings substantially while measuring how many people interact with your listing.

We can help you get your hotel to use Google free links to stand out and maximise your reach with Hotel Ads.

From April 2022, hoteliers meeting eligibility requirements will be able to input rates and availability, significantly increasing visibility for free.

Google ads for locations

Level up your gaming business with Google Ads

Nowadays, there are so many games out there.

Advertising your game can be challenging because of aggressive market competition.

And finding players for your new game is vital for game success.

In the past, game advertisers had to wait for the game release before putting some budget behind a campaign that promoted app installs.  

But now, you can create pre-registry campaigns that generate buzz and hype your game before releasing - guaranteeing a smooth app launch.

Pre-register google ad
Pre-register 2
Pre-register 3

Let us explain how this works.

Google pre-registration campaigns appear on Android phones and tablets before the game releases on Google Play.

When creating the campaign, game advertisers establish bids (called target cost-per-pre-registration or tCPpre).

The tCPpre is the average budget you want to spend every time users pre-register to your app.

Once ads are live, Google Machine Learning (ML) helps adapt original content (ad creative) to users through millions of live data signals.

In other words, creative assets are added to, deleted from, or edited throughout the duration of the pre-registry campaign to maximise your results based on data.

We know what you’re thinking; the power of AI is amazing.

Requirements for game pre-registration campaigns:

Pre-registration Campaign Recommendations

Notify Feature

There you’ve the top 3 Google Ads trends for May 2022 - we hope they help you stay ahead of your competition! Whether you want to amplify your brand, sell more cars, increase hotel bookings, or create buzz around your next app release, we want to help you reach your goals. So get in touch today to find out more!

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